Pastime Farm

Pastime Farm

Pastime Farm

a Private Residence


“Kelly hosts wonderful workshops in aesthetically and spiritually inspiring venues (including her home!) I come ready to learn and return with deeper wisdom of self and compassion for others.”


My outright best-loved place for daylong workshops is Pastima Farm — a private residence in Sunol, California. Located just 35 miles east of Palo Alto, this rural property feels like a country retreat. It’s an opportunity to escape the larger event centers and gather with a smaller group of women in an intimate setting.

Established in 1879, this historic home has recently undergone extensive renovation in order to more comfortably accommodate group events. The large historic library/meeting room, professional-grade kitchen, expansive dining room, and outdoor dining porch contribute to a spacious and serene retreat environment.

Lunch is catered by my favorite chef who creates delicious and hearty organic vegetarian meals sourced from local farmers and the property’s garden. In the summertime, we dine alfresco. Sack lunches can be provided – should you want to picnic in a 100-year old olive grove that’s just a 10-minute hike from the property. The 90-minute lunch break allows time to enjoy leisurely conversation in any one of several outdoor seating areas, take a rest in the meditation garden, or step out the back gate onto one of the many trails along the Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park.

This house is not available to the public and therefore does not have a website. Please look at my Events page for upcoming workshops at this location.



  • Pastime Farm orchard
  • Pastime Farm, Outdoor dining
  • Pastime Farm, Sunol Sunflower
  • Henhouse, Pastime Farm. July 2016
  • Sunol Ridgelands July 2016
  • Library at Pastime Farm
  • Sunol Proposal Hill Dec 2016
  • Office Pastime Farm
  • Indoor Dining Pastime Farm
  • Library at Pastime Farm
  • Kitchen at Pastime Farm
  • Meeting Room at Pastime Farm