Sherabling Monastery, India. Sept 2015

Artist ~ Maeve Grogan

Maeve Grogan

…is a professional artist in Bend, Oregon.  (And she happens to be one of my best friends.)  She finds her inspiration in the natural beauty surrounding her home. Despite working primarily in abstraction, she’s known to grab an easel and head outside to paint the light as it moves across the Cascades. (Or text me photos of a bottled local brew held against the purple mountainside.) Her abstract series’ have been described as “playful, colorful, expansive, and peaceful — all at the same time”.


Here’s my blog post about her upcoming New York exhibit.

You can visit her work at


“Much of my illustrative work explores the inner voices, stereotypes, childhood residues, religious beliefs and various adopted identities I have experienced over time.  

I am fascinated by the brain and how it constructs/constricts our personal and collective perception of reality. I enjoy moving my awareness out of dueling focal points, success/failure, love/hatred, right/wrong, sacred/mundane – profane, into a more fluid space, where both sides can hold court simultaneously.  Neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to change throughout a lifetime by observing, accepting and changing behaviors and patterns, places compassion and the possibility of conscious transformation around areas of difficulty that earlier were considered unconscious reflexes, fixed, and for life.  The moment I awake to an unconscious reflex, like a specific fear or rage, and my response becomes a conscious choice is interesting to me.  In these works, I play with a wide variety of images, nothing is taboo, to stir up patterns and thoughts, and possibly become more limber around my conscious response to them.”