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Kelly Minor, PhD



The feminine form of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) facilitates a wisdom-based understanding of the material. It interweaves traditional ACT philosophy, metaphor, and experiential exercises with inquiry, deep listening, and women’s circle.

The vision is an inspired community of women who encourage and sustain one another’s process of self-discovery… so that we might shift the collective.

Gather & amplify.

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Preparing to Awaken: Currently in Session

Preparing to Awaken: Currently in Session

  • Gateway Training Course %
  • Private Residence %
  • Sunol, California %
  • March 3, 10, 17, 24 %
Returning to Essence: Spring – Summer 2019

Returning to Essence: Spring – Summer 2019

  • Private Closed Circle %
  • Private Residence %
  • Sunol, California %
  • Apr 14, May 12, Jun 9, Jul 14, Aug 11 %
Cultivating Wisdom: Spring – Summer 2019

Cultivating Wisdom: Spring – Summer 2019

  • Advanced Level Circle %
  • Private Residence %
  • Sunol, California %
  • May 5, Jun 2, Jul 7, Aug 4 %

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“Wisdom, authenticity and sense of humor are what immediately come to mind when I think of Kelly. She is a wonderful human being and a wonderful teacher, infinitely dedicated to her clients. When you take her workshop it becomes obvious that she has an unwavering commitment to help her clients discover their true light just as she is committed to living her own life from her deepest and truest self.”

-Marina Bystritsky, Ph.D., clinical psychologist, San Francisco CA

“Kelly has that rare combination of authentic presence, loving kindness and intellectual acuity.”

-Lama Palden, Buddhist teacher, Fairfax, CA

“Kelly is an exceptional being. Her wisdom and intelligence is amplified by a keen intuition and gently steeped in humility, authenticity and compassion. Kelly walks her talk and is fiercely committed to her people. She is an anchor and midwife to women on the path.”

-Rebecca Arora, executive coach & leadership consultant, Woodside, CA

“Kelly is a bright light, and a sheer delight to be with. She has a most generous nature, and would likely give you the shirt off her back. I traveled with her to India recently, and so much appreciated her spontaneity, humor, cooperative spirit, and her sincere wish to be of help to others. Not to mention her keen eye for detail, curiosity, and endless well of knowledge! What a dear being.”

-Cyndia Marcous, retreat manager, San Anselmo, CA

“Kelly is one of those rare people who can stand next to you, as a co-observer, as you dive deep into your own life. Her study of current somatic and neurological research offers insights that are grounded in contemporary science; She couples this information with deep wisdom and a lovely sense of humor. ‘Incisive, compassionate, truth seeking’ would be the phrase I use to describe Kelly’s approach. ”

-Maeve Grogan, professional artist, Bend OR 

“Kelly is a wonderful example to women on how to nurture and honor oneself while exploring ways to grow and expand. She is a beam of light that lives authentically and continues to share wisdom as well as seek it. Kelly’s dedication to her clients and to her purpose in life are consistent and true to her heart.”


-Kathy Waddell, retreat leader & women’s advocate, Woodside CA

“Kelly’s workshops and retreats are magical. They can help you see your life and yourself in new, exciting ways.   Kelly has a rare mix of brilliance and empathy. She radiates warmth, wisdom, and tranquility. I always leave her presence with new insights and hope for the future.”

-Michele Gibson, trustee, Winston Churchill Foundation, Palo Alto CA

“Kelly is quite a gem ~ how often do you find someone so highly intelligent who also has a heart? She combines her academic knowledge with constant metaphysical training, intense curiosity, honesty and candor, and a love of people. What you get is a Kelly Symphony you want to hear again and again!”

-Julie Hutslar, personal growth author, Sandpoint ID


“I had the pleasure of teaching yoga for one of Kelly’s local weekend retreats. I was welcomed warmly into the group process. As a newcomer to Kelly’s retreats, I had an immediate sense of comfort, trust and being well cared for. Kelly creates a safe and friendly atmosphere for self-inquiry and growth.”

-Kate Coughlin, owner of Downtown Yoga, Pleasanton CA

“Kelly… A woman of vibrance who builds community, creates connection, and heightens self-awareness. A director of enlightenment, who always brings joy.”

-Amber Bodily, foot zonologist, Fremont CA

  • Marina Bystritsky, Ph.D.
  • Lama Palden
  • Rebecca Arora
  • Cyndia Marcous
  • Maeve Grogan
  • Kathy Waddell
  • Michele Gibson
  • Julie Hutslar
  • Kate Coughlin
  • Amber Bodily